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Why do I ride prone position wheelchairs and skateboards?
A car pulled out into the road in front of me and I hit it broadside. The result of the spinal cord injury is the inability to stand or sit upright for more than 60-90 seconds before pain paralyzes my lumbar and legs. I have limited time during the day that I can physically move around and some days I can't move much at all without 7-10 levels of pain which limits my ability to do things.
I started getting around on a skateboard and still use one around my house and to go in the store to pay for gas or when I don't feel like unloading my wheelchair. I have built several prone position wheelchairs, that I call carts, to get me around. I just finished a two year project, with the help of my family, building a prone position Grumman step van so I can drive again. I built custom hand controls and a prone platform for it so I can drive it lying down. The interior of my step van is my rolling art gallery.
I invented Hammerang cruiser boards which are made from 6160 aircraft quality aluminum. My son owns and builds Hammerang skateboards which can be ordered at Hammerang.com
People also ask me why I seem so happy. It's simple, there is no reason to be unhappy. Don't let other people's opinion determine your life. Live your own life, be happy, and be deaf to ignorance.

My favorite quote: It is what it is.

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