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I created prone position wheelchairs because I have a spinal cord injury that prevents me from sitting or standing for more than 90 seconds. I build custom wheelchairs in either prone or sitting positions starting at around $75K. Read more...Here
My latest series of art is about Wheelin Lo which is the way I get around on wheels. The series is called Hammerang and consists of skateboards, a Shark wheelchair, and an aluminum Grumman step van with custom hand controls and a prone platform for it so I can drive it lying down. The interior of my step van is my rolling art gallery.
All the pieces are made of aluminum which is a sustainable material when recycled. Aluminum can be recycled using only 5 to 8 percent of the energy that is needed for it's initial creation and it can be recycled over and over. Wood skateboards are the number one cause of maple tree deforestation in the US and Canada. The maple trees being cut down are 40-60 years old! Maple skateboards only last 2-3 years..erg. And we sure as hell don't need anymore plastic skateboards or plastic anything for that matter.
The Hammerang cruiserboards, skateboards, or longboards are made from 6160 aircraft quality aluminum. My son owns and builds Hammerang skateboards which can be ordered at Hammerang.com
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